octubre 31, 2011

nobody know, the way it's gonna be

if u are leaving will u take me with u,
I'm tired of talking on my phone
there is one thing I could never give you 
my heart would never be your home, 

so wath's the matter with u ? 
sing me someting new 
don't u know the cold and wind 'n rain don't know 
they only seem to come 'n go away. 

stand by me, 
nobody know the way it's gonna be. . ♥

octubre 23, 2011


porque en un mes con ustedes, aprendí más que un año en una sala de clases. . 

Gracias por demostrar que juntos todo se puede, los quiero ♥

toma 2011

octubre 07, 2011


 And I wanna be there when you're
coming down
& I wanna be there when you hit the ground
so don't go away, say what you say
but say that you'll stay
forever and a day...in the time of my life 
cause I need more time, yes I need more time
Just to make things right

sí sé, la vendí en mala, pero te necesito y más que la mierda...